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Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations-USA (UOSSM USA) is an independent, nonprofit, non-government, medical, humanitarian organization, founded to support the health-related needs and well-being of people and communities affected by crises, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, religion or political affiliation. UOSSM USA is dedicated to building sustainable health-related services and reducing human suffering, and is non-political and non-sectarian in its mission.

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Latest Updates

Interaction Forum Organized by UOSSM USA on June 22, Was Lively Discussion

June 30, 2017

The breakout session, on June 22 at Interaction Forum 2017, “Re-envisioning Partnership in Humanitarian Response: Insights from Syria”, organized by UOSSM USA was a lively discussion. The forum was moderated...

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UOSSM USA Organizes Breakout Session at Interaction Forum 2017

May 26, 2017

UOSSM USA is organizing a breakout session at the Interaction Forum 2017 entitled “Re-envisioning Partnership in Humanitarian Response: Insights from Syria” this session is scheduled for Thursday June 22 at...

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Press Releases

Groundbreaking Project In Syria Provides Solar Power For Hospitals And Saves Lives...

May 30, 2017

UOSSM launched the ‘Syria Solar’ Initiative on May 29, 2017, after 10 weeks of installation, and months of testing, and monitoring. The 480-panel pilot project is the first of its kind in Syria, and was designed to stabilize electricity in hospitals in Syria. Please click here to read the full...

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Kafr Zeta Specialized Surgical and Maternity Hospital Leveled to the Ground; Attacks...

May 01, 2017

The specialized surgical and maternity hospital in Kafr Zeta, Hama,(picture above) was leveled to the ground this weekend after being attacked three times in 24 hours. The first attack happened on Friday, April 28 at 4 p.m Damascus time, causing damage to the facility and the outpatient clinics. The second...

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Wave of Hospital Bombings Paralyzes Medical System in Idlib, Syria

April 27, 2017

 A joint statement was sent out today on behalf of the largest national medical NGO's in Syria; UOSSM (Union Of Medical Care and Relief Organizations), SAMS (Syrian American Medical Society), SBMS (Syrian British Medical Society- UOSSM Member), Syria Relief (UOSSM Member), SHAAM Humanitarian, SIMRO (Sustainable International Medical Relief Organization), IDA...

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A Deadly Day in Syria as Two Hospitals, and A Refugee Camp...

April 26, 2017

It was another destructive and bloody day in Syria as two hospitals, and a refugee camp were attacked, leaving thousands in areas subject to daily bombardment, without access to medical care. A hospital in Daraa, the Latamneh Hospital, and the Maartah refugee were all attacked today, killing at least two...

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UOSSM ATSG Training Session

May 19, 2017

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JUNE 2017

UOSSM has been working hard with many projects and activities, with the focus of rebuilding and sustaining healthcare services throughout Syria, and in neighboring countries. These projects include training and strengthening existing systems and rebuilding destroyed ones.   UOSSM USA also hosted an event in the  Interaction Forum 2017, “Re-envisioning...

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MAY 2017

From an exciting new field office in Jordan to vaccination campaigns, UOSSM worked hard during the month of May to bring the highest level of health care in Syria and neighboring countries. Please scroll below to read the full newsletter. 

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APRIL 2017

UOSSM has been hard at work with many projects and activities, including chemical attack response training and other training to keep UOSSM staff at the highest levels providing the best quality care and services. We also supported hospitals throughout Syria, with medical supplies and medications. Please click to read the...

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