APRIL 2017


UOSSM has been hard at work with many projects and activities, including chemical attack response training and other training to keep UOSSM staff at the highest levels providing the best quality care and services. We also supported hospitals throughout Syria, with medical supplies and medications. Please click to read the full newsletter.






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May 2017 Activities and Updates from UOSSM USA



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UOSSM Activities

Dr. Raphael Pitti and Dr. Ziad Alissa Provide Training Course on the Use of Emergency Drugs Against Chemical Injuries

UOSSM responded to the chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun by providing training on response to chemical weapons attacks. On April 12, the medical staff at Bab Al-Hawa Hospital completed a training workshop on the use of emergency equipment, and drugs, against chemical weapons injuries, sent to medical facilities and hospitals in Syria. The supplies were delivered to the UOSSM Department of Operations. The training was provided by the Scientific Advisor of the Training Department, Dr. Rafael Pitti, and the UOSSM Chairman of Training Committee, Dr. Ziad Alissa.

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We hope this newsletter finds you in the best of health. We would like to welcome all of our subscribers and supporters to the UOSSM family. You will receive plenty of new information and updates about our work and activities for this and every month. UOSSM's 1000+ dedicated staff members in the US and abroad are working hard to make a difference in the lives of Syrians inside Syria and in neighboring countries, and to provide the medical support that is so desperately needed. Thank you for supporting UOSSM USA, together we are "Saving Lives, and Building Hope."

UOSSM Activities

15 Hospitals Targeted Throughout Syria in April

It was an especially destructive month for hospitals and medical facilities in April, as 15 hospitals and medical facilities were attacked and put out of service, several were attacked multiple times, leaving tens of thousands without access to medical care. The picture above shows Kafr Zeta Specialty Hospital, which was built by Dr. Hassan Al Araj, who was killed last year in a targeted attack. The hospital was attacked three times in two days until it was finally completely destroyed.

France Sends a Half Ton of Emergency Drugs for Chemical Weapons Injuries

In response to the chemical weapons attacks in Khan Sheikhoun and other areas, the French Government sent a half ton of medications, masks, filters, anti-sarin drugs, and protective suits. The supplies were distributed to UOSSM hospitals, where staff will be provided with training to use the equipment and how to respond to chemical weapons attacks.


UOSSM Germany Officially Joins UOSSM International


A group of German doctors founded the German Association of UOSSM, based in Berlin. The chairman of the organization is Dr. Riad Al-Kassar, Dr. Ayham Al-Zu'bi is Deputy, and Dr. Samer Al-Sufi is Secretary-General. The members of the organization joined the Board of UOSSM International, and participated in the General Assembly of the Union in Geneva, which approved the transfer of the headquarters of UOSSM from Paris to Geneva.


UOSSM Participates in Press Conference Organized by Syrian NGOs in Gaziantep on Internationally Banned Chemical Attacks


Members of the Syrian NGO Coalition, including UOSSM, held an emergency press conference in Gaziantep on April 4, in response to the targeting of the city of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib by a chemical agent, which killed more than 100 and injured over 400, most of the victims were women and children. The press release was read by members of the coalition demanding urgent action to protect civilians and medical personnel in Syria.


UOSSM Opens Registration for Specialized Certification in Midwifery in Southern Syria


As part of the program to qualify more candidates in reproductive health, UOSSM Training and Qualification Center launched the Obstetrics Specialty Certification in midwifery in the Saida Institute for Midwifery and Nursing in Daraa. The program is in cooperation with the Directorate of Qualification and Training in the Daraa Health Directorate. The main objective is to welcome new staff and lessen the deficit in southern Syria. The program aims to train 200 nurses. The program will have two semesters of six months each of intense training in hospitals in Daraa, under the supervision of the Daraa Health Directorate. Graduates will be awarded a certificate issued by the Ministry of Health in the Syrian government after completing the required examinations..


25 Training Courses in Bab Al-Hawa During April


During the month April, UOSSM Training and Qualification Center offered and hosted 25 training courses in the various training fields in its centers in northern Syria, and Turkey. There was a total of 68 days of training, and 458 trainees. The courses included the following: Facilitation Skills Training, provided to the staff of three organizations in Turkey and Syria, and eight courses in emergency management of the wounded in times of war, which was provided to the staff of CRS & PIN organizations, and medics working in medical facilities. In addition, a course in data collection, and evaluation, and other courses in nutrition, and child protection services were also offered.


UOSSM Contributes to the Strengthening of Emergency Services of Six Hospitals in Aleppo/ Supported by Sheikh Thani Bin Abdullah Humanitarian Foundation (RAF)


UOSSM, supported by Sheikh Thani Bin Abdullah Humanitarian Organization (RAF), provided drugs and consumables to six hospitals in Aleppo with the goal of enhancing emergency surgical services for four months. This initiative ended in the end of April. The hospitals are: Al- Rih Al-Mursala Hospital Al-Huda Hospital Al-Kinana Hospital Al-Ma'abar Hospital Al-Fardous Hospital Al-Hurriya Hospital (Maria'a).


UOSSM’s Emergency Response to Need of Daraa Hospitals in Southern Syria


As part of an emergency response to the need of Daraa hospitals, UOSSM provided monetary support of the staff of Issa Ajaj Hospital, which provides services to more than 10,950 beneficiaries per month, as well as emergency support for 20 hospitals in Daraa and Quneitra.


UOSSM Partners with WHO and Participates in the Revival of the World Health Day in Gaziantep


On April 7, UOSSM participated in World Health Day event, sponsored by WHO, titled, “Together Against Depression”. The event consisted of presentations, including a presentation by UOSSM Psychiatrist, Nora Al Ahmad, and short skits by children about the effects of depression on children, and other activities. The event was attended by officials from WHO, the UOSSM Director of the Turkish Region, and members of the two organizations and staff working at Al-Sankari Foundation in Gaziantep.


UOSSM's Programs


Did you know?

Since 2012, UOSSM has been providing emergency medical relief and healthcare services to the Syrian people affected by the crisis, working primarily inside Syria and with Syrian refugees in Turkey.


  • Partially supports 120 hospitals and 200 medical points with $15M in medications and consumables sufficient to operate 130,000 surgeries
  • 1,000,000+ patients treated at our 9 primary health care centers and 9 mobile clinics with over 1,000,000 consultations
  • 2,872+ newborns delivered at the Burnas Maternity Hospital and other UOSSM specialized maternity centers
  • 130,000+ people benefitted from our mental health care and psycho-social support centers
  • 10,000+ medical staff have been trained and qualified at UOSSM’s BHH and other UOSSM training centers

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