Children From Ghouta Telling their Heartbreaking Story of Attack

Children tell their heartbreaking story in Ghouta about how they were victims of an attack as they were on their way home from school. No child should ever have to experience what the children of Syria have experienced.

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Catastrophic Medical Situation of Children in Besieged Area of Al Ghouta, Damascus

The current medical, humanitarian situation in the besieged area of Al Ghouta, Damascus, has taken its toll on the children, with many suffering from malnutrition, and the inability to treat their medical cases.

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Very Limited Access to Clean Drinking Water in Besieged Eastern Ghouta

The situation in eastern Ghouta is declining rapidly, people don't even have the ability to drink a glass of clean drinking water.

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UOSSM Friends of Children Center Helps Young Children Struggling With Issues

UOSSM Friends of Children Center is helping children, like young Anwar, who are suffering from unimaginable hardships. 

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UOSSM ATSG Training Session

UOSSM provided a training session to medical students in Idlib University on how to deal with war-related injuries.

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Dr. David Nott Explains Symptoms Victims Experienced From Chemical Attack

Dr. David Nott, who has worked hand in hand with UOSSM, providing training to doctors and medical staff of war medicine, explains the symptoms victims of the chemical attack experienced on Tuesday April 4, in Khan Sheikhoun, Idlib. 

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