JUNE 2017


UOSSM has been working hard with many projects and activities, with the focus of rebuilding and sustaining healthcare services throughout Syria, and in neighboring countries. These projects include training and strengthening existing systems and rebuilding destroyed ones.


UOSSM USA also hosted an event in the  Interaction Forum 2017, “Re-envisioning Partnership in Humanitarian Response", with other NGO's. Dr. Mahmoud Hariri, research director of UOSSM, led the event. Dr. Hariri just completed a one-year year fellowship at Harvard University’s "Humanitarian Imitative through the Scholars at Risk program." His ultimate goal is to find ways to rejuvenate the health system by bringing in more students to study medicine.  Please scroll below to read the full newsletter. 

June 2017 Activities and Updates from UOSSM USA



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UOSSM USA Activities

On June 22, Dr. Mahmound Al Hariri of UOSSM had a lively discussion among representatives of other NGOs including SAMS, and Doctors of the World, in the breakout session at Interaction Forum 2017, “Re-envisioning Partnership in Humanitarian Response: Insights from Syria”. The event was organized by UOSSM USA. The forum was moderated by Julien Schopp of Interaction, our panelists Mais Balkhi of Syrian Relief and Development, Hakan Bilgin of Dunya Doktorlari Dernegi (Doctors of the World), Dr. Lina Murad of Syrian American Medical Society, and Dr. Mahmoud Hariri of UOSSM International, shared their experiences and insights on the challenges of partnership between national and international NGOs and possible ways forward.

Dr. Hariri, the Director of Research with UOSSM, just completed a one year fellowship at Harvard University’s "Humanitarian Imitative through the Scholars at Risk program." Dr. Hariri led hospital surveys in Syria, to get a in depth analysis of the medical situation in Syria. Dr. Hariri says the data collected will show that the statistics in Syria are not only figures but they are actually backed up by data. The most important fact discovered after the collection of data was the major shortage of doctors in Syria saying, in 2015-2016 there was a 25% decline in doctors throughout Syria. His ultimate goal is to rejuvenate the health care field by encouraging students to go back into the medical field. Training for students will be provided in UOSSM BHH along with two other hospitals, this will not only help the students but also improve the quality of services provided in the participating hospitals.

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UOSSM Activities

A Delegation from UOSSM, SAMS and Syrian Health Directorates met with the German Parliament

As part of the efforts to rebuild the health system in Syria, a delegation from UOSSM, SAMS and the Syrian Health Departments, headed by Dr. Munther Khalil, Idlib Health Director, made an official visit to the German Chancellor's Office, the German Parliament, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of International Cooperation, the International Cooperation Foundation and a number of German organizations interested in the Syrian affairs in general and the health situation in particular. The Delegation provided an integrated vision to enable the health directorates and rebuild the health system uniformly in all areas under the control of the Syrian opposition. The German representatives emphasized their continued support of the Syrian health sector, fostering the health sector-governance and institution-building efforts.

UOSSM Strengthens Health Services in Aleppo and Idlib in Partnership with WHO

In order to enhance the existing medical and mental health services in the region, UOSSM and WHO have been working together to further support the existing services in Aleppo and Idlib, since June, including operating 21 ambulances in Idlib and Aleppo and providing them with staff and operational costs, supporting the ER department and operation rooms at UOSSM Bab Al Hawa Hospital in Idlib, with salaries and operating costs for one month, and supporting Al Karama Hospital in Aleppo with salaries and operating costs. In addition, they are also supporting the mental health referral system at UOSSM Mental Health Center in Sarmada and establishing a mobile clinic accompanied by a mental health doctor, psychologists and community health workers.

UOSSM, in Collaboration with Orange Present Training Program at UOSSM Bab Al-Hawa Training Center

On July 18, UOSSM, in collaboration with Orange, presented a training program entitled "Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response"at UOSSM Training Center in Bab Al Hawa. SPHERE aims to provide necessary principles and practices. Thirty three trainees of hospitals directors, doctors and health workers in Syria attended the training course, which aimed to improve the quality of humanitarian assistance and medical services for Syrians in emergencies, and to achieve their best humanitarian response.

Scholarship Program Launched for Syrian Students in Collaboration with Presidents of France Universities, UOSSM and Other Institutions

A Scholarship Program was launched for Syrian students, in cooperation with the Paris Municipality and the Society for Democracy and Cooperation in Syria.The scholarship is managed by the Olive Branch Organization in cooperation with the Conference of University Presidents of France and the French Society of Asylum. UOSSM and other institutions are also participating in this program.

UOSSM Provides Training Courses About Emergency Management During Chemical Strikes in Collaboration with WHO in Bab Al-Hawa

In order to enable paramedics to deal with injuries from chemical attacks, UOSSM’s Training Department,in cooperation with WHO, presented a series of courses called “Emergency Management of Chemical Strikes” . There were 120 trainees of civil defense teams, forensic medicine, and hospital staff, that attended these courses at UOSSM Bab Al Hawa Training Center. The course lasted for 12 days.
The courses primarily focused on the response to chemical strikes, concept of operations, personal protection, decontamination, medical treatment, and building a response plan, in addition to, experimental exercises.

UOSSM Supports the Dental Care Services in Northern Syria with the Support of Mercy Without Borders

In order to provide and improve the dental care service, UOSSM has launched five mobile dental clinics in cooperation with Mercy without Borders for six months in northern Syria.

UOSSM Implements a Nutrition Survey System in Northern Syria with the Support of ACU- UNICEF

In order to implement a nutritional survey system, UOSSM launched a nutrition survey project for pregnant and lactating women, and children under the age of five. This project is supported by ACU-UNICEF for one year in Idlib and Aleppo, and will also cover emergency responses.

UOSSM Strengthens Health Services in Aleppo and Idlib in Partnership with WHO

In order to provide access to healthcare services in rural and remote areas, where Syrian civilians have no or little access to basic health services, UOSSM launched two mobile clinics in Harim and Areha countryside for 7 months.

UOSSM's Programs


Did you know?

Since 2012, UOSSM has been providing emergency medical relief and healthcare services to the Syrian people affected by the crisis, working primarily inside Syria and with Syrian refugees in Turkey.


  • Partially supports 120 hospitals and 200 medical points with $15M in medications and consumables sufficient to operate 130,000 surgeries
  • 1,000,000+ patients treated at our 9 primary health care centers and 9 mobile clinics with over 1,000,000 consultations
  • 2,872+ newborns delivered at the Burnas Maternity Hospital and other UOSSM specialized maternity centers
  • 130,000+ people benefitted from our mental health care and psycho-social support centers
  • 10,000+ medical staff have been trained and qualified at UOSSM’s BHH and other UOSSM training centers


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