UOSSM COVID-19 Response Update

As part of UOSSM's response to COVID-19 our team is distributing medicines, laboratory and medical supplies and equipment to several primary healthcare centers in northwest Syria.

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COVID-19 Update in Northern Syria- 61 Total Cases

There are now 61 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in northern Syria, out of a total of 5160 tests. UOSSM continues to implement an emergency plan in response to the COVID-19 pandemic with the following measures:
*Supporting primary health care centers (PHC’s)
*Establishing and operating community-based isolation centers (CBICs)
*Sterilization of displacement camps
*Distribution of hygiene kits containing sanitizing and personal care items
*Distribution of nutrition and food baskets
*Establishing a distance-learning center in Afrin
*Distributing educational awareness brochures about COVID-19 in areas of displacement.

In addition, UOSSM continues to provide awareness and training on COVID-19 to medical and administrative personnel.

We pray for everyone's safety and encourage everyone to wear a mask to protect themselves and others.

Video- UOSSM's Continued Response to COVID-19

Watch how UOSSM continues to respond to the COVID19 pandemic with training, protocols, and isolation centers, to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. 13 medical facilities received training on procedures with suspected cases. Isolation centers are distributed throughout northern Syria.

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COVID-19 Update in Northern Syria

There are now 46 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in northern Syria. 4087 tests were performed and 31 patients have made a full recovery. UOSSM continues to respond by distributing N95 masks to medical centers, distributing hygiene kits, sanitizing displacement camps, establishing isolation centers and providing awareness to people and medical staff on coping, and preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

UPDATE: 22 Total Cases of COVID-19 in Northern Syria


For the second day in a row, there are no new cases of COVID-19 in northern Syria. There are a total of 22 positive cases. 3189 tests were performed. UOSSM continues to respond to the pandemic and distributed over 50,000 N95 masks to over 29 hospitals in the area. 

First Case of COVID-19 Confirmed in Northwest Syria

On July 7, a 39 year old doctor working in north western Syria was tested for COVID-19 and was confirmed positive today. This is the first reported case of COVID-19 in north western Syria. The doctor entered Syria two weeks ago and visited his wife in Al Bab city (Aleppo Governate) between June 30 and July 1. The doctor immediately isolated himself upon symptoms, and contract-tracing procedures have been put in place for his interactions. Please click here to read the full press release.

UOSSM Turkey Takes Steps in Response to COVID-19

UOSSM Turkey Steps Against COVID-19

In response to the #Covid19 pandemic, UOSSM Turkey has taken the following steps in Northern Syria:

- Sterilized three camps of dispacement (Alfurquan Camp, Alwafaa Camp, Kahatayn Camp).
- Distributed over 1000 hygiene kits (includes personal hygiene essentials for women and children).
- Distributed over 1000 food baskets with basic essentials to encourage people to stay home.
- Contributed to establish an isolation center in Afrin.
- Contributed to establish distance learning center in Afrin.
- Distributed awareness brochures on protection from Coronavirus in displacement camps.
- Over 10,000 people were reached with UOSSM Turkey awareness campaigns.
Please support our work so we can help protect the most vulnerable.
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Dr. Monzer Yazji, President of UOSSM USA, Speaks of Effects of COVID-19 on Mental Health

In an interview with KRGV.com, Dr. Monzer Yazji, president of UOSSM USA, about the effects COVID19 has on mental health. He said, "There is an immediate psychological impact now, which comes with severe anxiety and depression, and other mental stress diseases." Please click here to watch the interview.

VIDEO: UOSSM Mobile Clinic Provides COVID-19 Prevention

This UOSSM mobile clinic launched in February 2020. The clinic is providing care to the elderly in their tents at risk from COVID-19. In addition to other services, the clinic is providing awareness and educating people on preventative measures to protect from the Coronavirus.

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Mobile Clinic Begins Offering Physical and Mental Health Awareness Sessions from COVID-19

UOSSM Mobile Clinic in Tal Abyadh

The UOSSM Mobile Clinic medical team began offering physical and mental awareness sessions for displaced families in Tal Abyad. The team took all necessary prevention methods using social distancing, staying 6 feet apart, and wearing masks. The focus of the sessions was how to stay physically and mentally healthy with the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

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