How Omar Walked Again

Watch this video to see how Omar overcame unimaginable circumstances after he lost both legs in an attack, and how UOSSM helped him walk again with prosthetic legs!

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Act 4 Idlib

The latest bombardment in Idlib has targeted 19 medical facilities, killed over 160 civilians and displaced over 350,000 people with nowhere to go.

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Smile :)

Abdul Basset was embarrassed to smile. He would mostly eat tea and biscuits because his teeth hurt so much. Watch how #UOSSM helped treat this sweet boy and how he smiles again! ❤️

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How #UOSSM Helped Ahmad Overcome a Brain Injury

Learn about how 8 year old Ahmad became parayzed from an attack in the war, and how UOSSM's teams were able to help him and restore his hopes and dreams.

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There are millions of #ForgottenFamilies in Syria that are suffering immensely. UOSSM is on the ground working with the internally displaced throughout Syria.

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Syria's Forgotten Families

Even though the bombings have somewhat subsided, millions of internally displaced persons are suffering immensely.

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What Comes From the Heart

#UOSSMUSA and #UOSSM's Co-Founder Dr.Khaula Sawah gives a heartfelt talk about her experiences in war-torn #Syria. "Now I sit down and think of how my life was transformed, of how my priorities were changed, and what it means to create a change. My intention was not to establish a great organization, nor inspire my community or the people around me. My intention was to do my best and put all my heart into it, and what comes from our hearts penetrates the hearts of those around us and starts a ripple that can break down walls, save lives, and put a smile on the face of a stranger halfway across the world." 

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Haneen & Farah Triumph Over Pain

This is the story of 2 beautiful little Syrian girls who fought the battle of their lives and won! Their resilience shines in light of what they had to, and continue to endure. 

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ZERO Hunger in Syria

Malnutrition started appearing in Syria since the crisis began. UOSSM started providing nutrition services in all UOSSM facilities, to screen and treat children with malnutrition. Since 2017 UOSSM provided nutrition services to over 113,000 children under the age of 5. Please support our work! 


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Children 7 and Under Have Known Nothing But War

Children seem to always pay the ultimate price. Syrian children 7 and under have known nothing but war all their lives. Many are asking what can they do to help? Support our work, UOSSM is on the ground providing medical care and relief to those who need it most.

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