UOSSM Zaafaraneh PHC Attacked and Put Out of Service


The UOSSM Zaafaraneh Primary Health Care Center was attacked on Sunday and put out of service. The PHC provided free health care to approximately 6000 patients and most importantly provided 120 deliveries a month, among other primary health care services. The center was damaged by an airstrike that hit 30 feet away. The center was among three medical facilities attacked in Homs in the past two days as Homs is being bombarded. You can click here to read the press release with details about the attacks.

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42 Confirmed Dead in Massive Chemical Attack in Ghouta


42 people have been confirmed dead and hundreds affected by the chemical attack on Douma in eastern Ghouta on Saturday April 7. Many of the victims were women and children and experienced symptoms consistent with inhaling toxic gas. *Earlier, UOSSM reported 70 confirmed dead, but due to conflicting reports, and difficulty gathering data we are confident that at least 42 are confirmed dead, those numbers are expected to rise. Some of the symptoms victims experienced include: cyanosis, foaming of the mouth, cornea irritation, and the strong odor of a chlorine like substance. 

Please click here to read the full press release about the attack. 


Alarming Number of Malnourished Children From Eastern Ghouta


There are an alarming number of malnourished children that were forcefully displaced from eastern Ghouta. Almost 12% of children examined were malnourished.

UOSSM, along with other NGOs on the ground at the destination point, examined and tested all children that were displaced. The number of malnourished was high.

A total of 9828 children were tested and of those 903 children were diagnosed with acute malnutrition and 263 were diagnosed with severe malnutrition. 

This is just one group of almost 10,000 children. There are still over 150,000 besieged in Douma in eastern Ghouta. Please click here to read the full malnutrition report. 

Qasem, Karim, Noor and Alaa All Safe in Turkey


Several children became the faces of the children of Ghouta. Karim, who lost his eye became the center of the #SolidarityWithKarim campaign, where people all over the world would take a selfie covering their left eye. 

Qasem's story also became very well known as the image of his bandaged face went viral on social media. Both Qasem and Karim lost their mothers in attacks.

Click here to read the full story about Qasem.

Click here to read the press release about the #SolidarityWithKarim campaign. 

Noor and Alaa's videos went viral as well as they would send out video tweets about their terrifying situation in Ghouta.

All these children have been taken to Turkey, and were reunited together. Qasem and Karim will finally the medical care that they have needed for so many months.


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Over 14,000 Families; 44,000 Displaced From Ghouta in One Week


From March 23-31 2018 UOSSM registered over 14,000 families, which is over 44,000 people, that were forcefully displaced from eastern Ghouta. Between March 23 and March 31, UOSSM provided mental health care, and child protection services to over 26,000 beneficiaries. UOSSM is part of a coalition of several NGOs serving the people of Ghouta. 

UOSSM has been providing primary health care, mental health care and psychosocial support, ambulatory and nutrition services to thousands of newly displaced persons, and has been leading the data collection process at the evacuation point. 

Over 12,000 Total Displaced from Ghouta


On March 25 and March 26 over 6000 were forcefully displaced from eastern Ghouta. Many of those were women and children. On March 25, over 1000 were displaced, and on March 26, over 5000 were displaced.

Four women went into labor on the buses on March 26, and two gave birth on the bus in below humane conditions, all four were rushed to area hospitals once they reached the destination point. On March 26, there were 131 War injury cases, 115 pediatric cases, 15 critical cases, and 1060 malnutrition cases. 

Of the 1060, 87 were SAM severe malnutrition cases, and 161 were MAM acute malnutrition cases. Over 1500 children were vaccinated with polio vaccine. 


Over 3000 Newly Displaced From Ghouta Today


UOSSM assisted another 3000 newly displaced from eastern Ghouta today. Approximately 3126 were transported to Qalaat Al Madeeq in the suburbs of Hama today. Over 300 were wounded and ill patients that require medical care, 46 were transported via ambulance. 731 children received polio vaccinations. 8000 people are expected to be evacuated in the upcoming days. You can click here to read the detailed press release about the first two groups evacuated. 


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UOSSM Aids Those Forcefully Displaced From Harasta,Ghouta


UOSSM aided those forcefully displaced from Harasta, Ghouta on Thursday. Approximately 450 families, around 2000 people were forcefully displaced from their homes. This was the first group of the 8000 that will be forced to leave their homes in order to preserve their lives. 

Those who chose to leave didn't seem like they had a choice after being subjected to a fierce bombardment since February 18, as they were exposed to chemical, incendiary and barrel bombs, among other types of attacks, daily.  At least 1600 have been killed and over 5000 wounded.

Many of those displaced were children. The newly displaced reached the point where UOSSM, among many other NGOs, were aiding the people, evaluating their conditions and transferring them to hospitals if deemed necessary. Most of the people were in terrible condition as they were hungry, thirsty, cold and mentally and physically exhausted from the siege of over five years and the bombardment for over one month. UOSSM provided primary health care services, protection and mental health services and ambulances to transport cases to hospitals.


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Doctor Sends Out Urgent Plea From Ghouta as Violence Continues


Dr. Amani Ballour, a pediatrician from Ghouta sent out an urgent plea to anyone that would listen as the violence continues in eastern Ghouta. Resolution 2401 was passed over 15 days ago and the people of Ghouta have yet to witness a ceasefire or any type of relief. At least 27 civilians were killed today adding to the death toll of over 1100 since the beginning of the bombardment on February 18. At least 26 medical facilities were attacked and nine medical workers were killed, thousands have been injured in the violent attacks. 

Dr. Ballour said, “Eastern Ghouta, which has been besieged for over five years, and has witnessed the worst types of siege, bombardment and starvation, is living today in catastrophic conditions in every way, shape and form. The medical situation is always extremely terrible. For the past 20 days we have received large numbers of wounded victims. In the one hospital I work in we admit almost 100 wounded every day. Unfortunately, most of the wounded are women and children. We have a major shortage in medical staff, in medical supplies, we are doing the best that we can, but we can’t keep up with the large numbers of wounded. We have been talking about the situation for over five years, we have been sending our messages to the United Nations, to the international community, and to humanitarian organizations. Everything that is happening is known all over the world, media is being distributed directly from inside Ghouta to all media outlets and venues, but the world is closing their ears to what the people of Ghouta are saying. There are over 400,000 civilians with over 100,000 children. Unfortunately, the pictures of our bloodied, wounded and killed children is not affecting people around the world. What is the world waiting for to help save the 400,000 civilians?” You can click here to read the press release about today's events by clicking here. 

Dr. Ballour's plea.

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Doctors Describe Attacks in Eastern Ghouta as Mass Hysteria


A UOSSM Primary Health Care Center in Misraba and a UOSSM office in Hammouria,were among the several area hospitals and medical facilities attacked within the past 24 hours under a wave of attacks on hospitals, buildings and “anything standing” in eastern Ghouta.  The bombardment has caused most of the inhabitants of the areas to be displaced into other parts of the city. An area doctor who chose to remain unnamed said, “Hammouria is under massive attacks causing a state of mass hysteria as every building is being bombed one by one, wiping out the entire area. The area has turned into a ghost town as everyone in the area has been displaced and all medical facilities were attacked.”

The death toll since February 18 has risen to over 1000, with thousands wounded as the area is under relentless bombardment. You can click here to read UOSSM USA's press release today. 

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