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  • BREAKING: UOSSM Ambulance Center and 3 More Facilities Hit By Airstrikes in Syria

    On July 10 at 9:40 am Damascus time, an airstrike hit a UOSSM ambulance center in Jisr Al Shughour, Idlib, Syria, causing material damage to the ambulances and facility. No injuries or casualties were reported.
    During the same attack, the Al Kelawai Hospital (partially supported by UOSSM) in Jisr Al Shughour was also hit by an airstrike and suffered material damage. Six civilians living near the facility were killed. Five staff (one anesthesiologist, three cleaning staff and one warehouse assistant) were injured with no staff casualties reported.
    At 9:40 am Damascus time, the Saraqeb Primary Healthcare Center in Idlib was hit by an airstrike. No injuries or casualties were reported. 
    The Maarat Al Nouman Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in Northern Syria was hit by aircraft guns and rockets. The facility is a major referral center for civilian victims during the current military offensive. The hospital had shared its coordinates with all military actors through the UN deconfliction channel. No injuries or casualties were reported. Please click here to read the full press release. 

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  • BREAKING: Apocalyptic Scenario Beginning In Syria With 77 Killed; Over 150K Displaced

    In the past 72 hours there has been a surge in airstrikes, barrel bomb attacks and artillery strikes in Idlib and Hama, Syria. At least 77 civilians have been killed and over 150,000 IDPs displaced in the past seven days. Most cities in Northern Hama are almost completely evacuated. The areas are already over populated and lack in camps and housing for the newly displaced, leaving large numbers with no shelter, exposed to the elements. Please click here to read the full press release.

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    March 2019

    A young boy smiles again thanks to your support! Please scroll down to read the full March newsletter!

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    Smile :)

    Abdul Basset was embarrassed to smile. He would mostly eat tea and biscuits because his teeth hurt so much. Watch how #UOSSM helped treat this sweet boy and how he smiles again! ❤️

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    Judy: A Child from Ghouta


    Little Judy has known nothing but war all her life. She has survived the unimaginable. Judy is from Ghouta. An area in the Damascus countryside that beared the brunt of the brutal war in Syria for over five years. The area was under siege and continuous bombardment. Judy lived in Ghouta, spending months in underground shelters with terrible living conditions under fierce bombardment. She was exposed to explosives and two chlorine attacks. Ten days before her family was forcibly displaced, Judy became very ill; she had a terrible cough and high fever. She couldn't even eat anymore.

    Judy's family was displaced to Northern Syria doctors at the evacuation point referred her immediately to an area hospital. Her condition remained severe and doctors diagnosed her with an abscess in her lung. She was transferred to UOSSM Bab Al-Hawa Hospital where she had to have surgery in her chest. Judy received continuous care for over a month after the surgery and was finally given a clean bill of health. 


  • Violent Attacks Return in War-Torn Syria


    For months the situation was improving in Syria, as news of attacks and bloodshed was dramatically reduced. But for the past week the brutal violence has returned as hospitals, civil centers and civilian buildings were attacked, causing the death of at least two paramedics, with many others wounded. White Helmets workers were also injured as they were attempting to rescue wounded civilians. Please click here if you would like to read a detailed press release about the hospital attacks last week. 

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    Yet another hospital has been targeted and struck in Syria, this time on the Idleb-Latakia border. One  midwife was wounded and is in critical condition, while three staff and three patients sustained minor injuries.  The maternity wing is completely destroyed. Barnas Hospital provided care to over 25,000 and women, and there were approximately 145 deliveries per month. To read the full press release click here.



    One doctor has been confirmed dead and many medical staff and civilians injured in the latest string of targeted medical facilities. UOSSM USA strongly condemns the targeting of medical staff and facilities and call it a violation of international law.

    Click here to see the press release.

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