Hospital in Suburbs of Northern Hama Put Out of Service After Targeted Attacks


Kafr Zeta Hospital, in the suburbs of northern Hama, was put out of service today, after being attacked for the past two days. The hospital was indirectly hit on Sunday causing minor damage to the facility. Today, at 2:30p.m. Damascus time, the hospital was directly targeted and attacked with several airstrikes, causing damage to the facility and putting it out of service. A security camera from a nearby home captured the attack. Click here to see the camera footage. Many other area medical facilities were also put out of service in the past week. Please click here to read the full press release. 

UOSSM Assists in Evacuation of Over 2000 From Wadi Barada


UOSSM participated in the evacuation of over 2000 people from Wadi Barada (Damascus suburb) starting January 29 near midnight to January 30 at 3:30 p.m. Damascus time. 

UOSSM and other NGOs treated 65 patients; 14 were in critical condition. All patients were transferred to a triage point at the local area hospital. Please click here to read the full press release. 

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Over 5 Million Syrians Without Water For 30 Days


The bombing of the Ayn al Feeja water facility in Wadi Barada on December 24 has left over 5 million people without fresh, running water for the past 30 days. Concerns are growing over a health epidemic with a sharp rise in severe gastrointestinal cases, according to a doctor from Ibn Nafis Hospital in Damascus. The price for a box of six water bottles has skyrocketed to 1000 Syrian Layras. Hundreds of thousands are still under siege throughout Syria, with no access to basic human necessities including food, water and medical care. Please click here to read the full press release. 

Bana Alabed Among Many Child Evacuees Today from Eastern Aleppo


Thousands of people from the besieged area of Aleppo were evacuated today, the majority of the people were children, women and families. Among the children was Bana Alabed the seven-year-old girl, who caught the attention and hearts of western media, with her Tweets that were retweeted hundreds of thousands of times, providing updates about her situation and the living conditions in the Besieged Eastern Aleppo. Please click here to to read the full press release. 

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Aleppo Evacuation Delayed as 50,000 People Still Stranded in Besieged Aleppo in Desperate and Extreme Cold Conditions


An estimated 50,000 still remain in the besieged area of Aleppo. As evacuation efforts are delayed many are living in extremely difficult situations. The cold weather has settled in, and there is no electric, water or means to stay warm. Please click here to read the full press release. 

Chemical Attack in Eastern Suburbs of Hama Kills 93, Wounds over 300


A chemical agent attack was reported in the eastern suburbs of Hama in the Aqeerbat area today. At least 93 civilians have been killed and over 300 wounded. 

In a passionate plea Dr. Khaula Sawah, CEO of UOSSM USA said, "I just cannot describe the situation any more. 100 people, mostly children and women die instantly from exposure to an unknown chemical gas while almost 100,000 people are waiting for the moment of death, as many in the Aleppo area are calling out and recording their wills, believing this is their last message. We have been calling on the international community and all responsible parties to stop this massacre; yet genocide is occurring, people are being massacred and action has yet to be taken."

Dr. Sawah added, "We, as humanitarians will continue to work and provide medical relief to the best of our capacity, at least we know we are doing what we are supposed to do to save lives. The failure of the international community will be recorded in history, and I do hope they will take action before it is too late. I call on every human being with a beating heart to not accept what is going on and to act to the best of their ability, so that these messages, coming from a battered people who have lost all hope, won’t be their last.”
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Chemical Weapons Attack in Besieged Aleppo


There was another chemical attack in the besieged area of Aleppo yesterday. Three barrels containing a choking agent were dropped yesterday in the Kallaseh neighborhood and on a medical point causing at least 25 exposed victims to experience symptoms consistent with chlorine inhalation, including suffocation and difficulty breathing. Please click here to read the full press release.

UOSSM Supports Bold UN Proposal For Peace In Syria

It is with great optimism that UOSSM welcomes the prospect of the “Uniting for Peace” resolution on Syria led by 74 UN member states and 223 NGO’s/ civil society organizations initiated yesterday. Please click here to read the full press release



Four hospitals were attacked today in Eastern Aleppo, leaving the population of ~250,000 without access to hospital care. Video footage from Al Jazeera also shows the moment the hospital was attacked, nurses brought to tears after having to evacuate premature babies from their incubators and exposing them to the elements, as the nearby Hanano neighborhood was allegedly barreled with six explosive barrels containing what seems to be chlorine gas. Please click here to read the full press release.



There has been a major increase in the indiscriminate and deliberate targeting of hospitals and healthcare facilities in November. In the past week at least eight hospitals have been attacked, some more than once, causing major damage and putting many out of service. Two medical staff were killed and at least 16 medical personnel, including doctors and nurses have been injured. Please click here to read the full press release.

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