49th Medical Facility Targeted With Two Airstrikes in Syria

The Alzerbeh Primary Health Care Center was directly targeted today, August 30, 2019, at 5:30 p.m. Damascus time with two airstrikes, putting it out of service. No casualties were reported as the center was closed today. The center was completely destroyed. The PHC was located in the Aleppo countryside. This marks the 49th medical facility to be attacked since April 28. Please click here to read the full press release. 

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Aid Agency Pleads For UN Protection Now Before Idlib City Slaughter

The situation is rapidly deteriorating in North West Syria with 200,000 people being displaced in the past week and scores killed from the continuous bombing of Maarat Al Nouman and surrounding areas. UOSSM, a leading medical aid provider in Syria, pleads that the UN provide immediate protection for the millions of civilians in the region. The military offensive is expected to reach Idlib City (home to over one million civilians) within days. If UN protection is not granted immediately, UOSSM anticipates thousands will be slaughtered. Please click here to read the full press release.

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Outrage Over Pediatric Hospital Bombed in Syria

On August 27 at 10:35 pm Damascus time, the Al- Ghadafa Pediatric and Gynecology Hospital in Maarat Al Nouman, Syria, was hit by four airstrikes and put out of service.  The hospital was evacuated earlier and sustained heavy damage. A watchman was injured by the airstrikes and no casualties were reported.  In the past 10 days, intense bombing in Maarat Al Nouman has also led to over 200,000 people becoming newly internally displaced. This marks the 48th medical facility to be bombed since April 28. Please click here to read the full press release.

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BREAKING: Telmnes Hospital Hit By Airstrikes In Syria Killing One Patient

At 11:30 am Damascus time today, August 21, the Telmnes Hospital in Maarat Al Nouman in Idlib, Syria, was targeted by four airstrikes causing significant damage to the facility and killing one patient. This marks the 47th medical facility to be bombed since April 28. Please click here to read the full press release.

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Three Ambulance Staff Killed in Targeted Attack Today in North West Syria

Two paramedics and one driver were killed today in the line of duty as their ambulance was targeted and completely destroyed. They were driving towards the site of another attack in Kafr Zeta, in the Hama Countryside, to help the victims, and were targeted at 2:00 p.m. Damascus time. The ambulance was part of the Kafr Zeta Ambulance System, supported by the Hama Health Directorate. 
The attacks in northwest Syria have intensified over the past week. At least 118 were killed, at least eight were children, and over 171 were wounded, many of the victims were women and children. This week a painful image emerged of two young girls ages 5 and 3 as they were dangling from their destroyed home. Big sister Reham was holding onto her baby sister, Rawan, so she wouldn’t fall. Ultimately both fell, Reham died and Rawan died the next day. Please click here to read the full press release.

BREAKING: Multiple Airstrikes Target Marketplace in Idlib Syria, Killing at Least 37

Multiple airstrikes targeted a busy marketplace today in Maarat Al Nouman, Idlib, from 8:36-9:00 a.m. Damascus time, killing at least 37 people, many of the victims were women and children. Among those killed was a Syrian Civil Defense volunteer (White Helmets) as he was working to save victims of the first attack (known as a 'double tap' attack). Those numbers are expected to rise as bodies are still being pulled from under the rubble. At least 73 have been killed and over 110 were wounded in the past two days in North West Syria as the bombardment continues. Among those killed, two were Syrian Civil Defense Workers (White Helmets), and one was a hospital guard. Please click here to read the full press release. 

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Syrian Solar Hospital Saves Lives and Combats Climate Change

UOSSM’s ‘Syria Solar’ initiative has successfully launched a second solar power system in north western Syria on July 22, 2019, with the support of the Idlib Health Directorate. The facility is one of the key hospitals in northern Syria and specializes in orthopaedics. UOSSM field teams installed the 90 kWp solar photovoltaic system which consisted of; 300 solar photovoltaic panels, 12 inverters, 216 batteries and an advanced data control system. The hospital is expected to save approximately 60,000 liters of diesel fuel per year. This amounts to saving approximately 40-45% of the annual energy cost for the hospital. The system can fully provide uninterrupted electricity for the operating room, emergency department, and other critical services at the hospital during diesel outages. Please click here to read the full press release. 
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BREAKING: UOSSM Ambulance Center and 3 More Facilities Hit By Airstrikes in Syria

On July 10 at 9:40 am Damascus time, an airstrike hit a UOSSM ambulance center in Jisr Al Shughour, Idlib, Syria, causing material damage to the ambulances and facility. No injuries or casualties were reported.
During the same attack, the Al Kelawai Hospital (partially supported by UOSSM) in Jisr Al Shughour was also hit by an airstrike and suffered material damage. Six civilians living near the facility were killed. Five staff (one anesthesiologist, three cleaning staff and one warehouse assistant) were injured with no staff casualties reported.
At 9:40 am Damascus time, the Saraqeb Primary Healthcare Center in Idlib was hit by an airstrike. No injuries or casualties were reported. 
The Maarat Al Nouman Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in Northern Syria was hit by aircraft guns and rockets. The facility is a major referral center for civilian victims during the current military offensive. The hospital had shared its coordinates with all military actors through the UN deconfliction channel. No injuries or casualties were reported. Please click here to read the full press release. 

BREAKING: Surgical Hospital Hit By Airstrikes in Idlib, Syria; Completely Destroyed

On July 4 at 2:30 PM Damascus time, the Kafranbel Hospital in Idlib, Syria was hit by three rockets and completely destroyed. No injuries or casualties were reported. The same hospital was attacked on May 5 th despite its coordinates being shared via the UN deconfliction channel. Please click here to read the full press release.

Ambulance System Point Targeted in Maarat Al-Nouman, Syria


An ambulance system point was directly targeted today, June 27, at 12:55 pm Damascus time, damaging two ambulances and causing major damage to the building, windows and doors. The facility was put out of service. No casualties were reported. Ambulances are discharged from this point to help those wounded in attacks and transport them to area hospitals. Just one week ago an ambulance, transporting a wounded victim of an attack was targeted by an airstrike killing three paramedics and the patient. Please click here to read the full press release.

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