Doctors in Eastern Ghouta Overwhelmed With Influx of Patients Wounded by Intensified Attacks

Doctors and medical facilities in Eastern Ghouta are overwhelmed by the influx of patients wounded and injured by rapidly intensifying attacks. Hundreds of airstrikes in civilian areas, including cluster bombs, which are indiscriminate in nature and prohibited by international law, are causing massive civilian casualties.

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Two Infants Die this Week in Besieged Al Ghouta from Lack of Medication and Malnutrition


The medical situation in Ghouta is deteriorating rapidly, as two more infants died this week from lack of medication and malnutrition. Maram, a one year old, died from lack of medication for renal failure. Another baby, Mutasam, also one, died from lack of medication and malnutrition. A total of five infants have died in the past few weeks either from malnutrition or inadequate access to medical care and medications. Please click here to read the full press release. 

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Doctors Around The World Unite, Raise 150K+ Signatures To Stop Hospital Bombings


Doctors from around the world, organized by the aid agency UOSSM (Union Of Medical Care And Relief Organizations), under the campaign and hashtag #DoctorsInDanger, have united in protest against the targeting of medical facilities and staff in Syria. The petition already has 150,000 signatures and is growing by the day. The medical situation in Syria has hit a new low with over 732 aid workers killed. Please scroll below to read the full press release.

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Situation Dire as Two Infants Die in Besieged Eastern Ghouta, Syria

Two malnourished infants died last weekend in eastern Ghouta. On Sunday, 34 day old Sahar died, and Obeida, less than one month old, died on Saturday.
The area of Al Ghouta has been under siege for over five years, leaving hundreds of thousands with little access to food, medications, and clean drinking water.
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Sixth Medical Facility Attacked Within Seven Days;


Another hospital was attacked and put out of service today in Idlib, Syria. The Sham 4 hospital in Kafr Nabl was attacked at 6:30 a.m. Damascus time by three airstrikes, one of the missiles penetrated through three stories of the building, causing major destruction and putting the hospital out of service. According to Hama Health Directorate the hospital was damaged along with medical equipment, emergency vehicles, and the electrical grid. Please scroll below to read the full press release.



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Violence Returns as Medical and Civil Centers Targeted; Three Killed and Several Wounded


Violence returned in the areas of southern Idlib and northern Hama as several medical/civil facilities were attacked. Two paramedics and a female custodian were killed and several others were wounded. 

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UOSSM Strongly Condemns the Killing of Seven White Helmets Staff in Idlib


Seven White Helmets were killed by unknown assassins earlier today as they stormed the Civil Defense Center in Idlib, Syria. Please click here to read the full press release. 

Groundbreaking Project In Syria Provides Solar Power For Hospitals And Saves Lives


UOSSM launched the ‘Syria Solar’ Initiative on May 29, 2017, after 10 weeks of installation, and months of testing, and monitoring. The 480-panel pilot project is the first of its kind in Syria, and was designed to stabilize electricity in hospitals in Syria. Please click here to read the full press release. 

Kafr Zeta Specialized Surgical and Maternity Hospital Leveled to the Ground; Attacks Continue Throughout Syria


The specialized surgical and maternity hospital in Kafr Zeta, Hama,(picture above) was leveled to the ground this weekend after being attacked three times in 24 hours. The first attack happened on Friday, April 28 at 4 p.m Damascus time, causing damage to the facility and the outpatient clinics. The second attack happened on Saturday, April 29 at 8:45 a.m. Damascus time. This attack caused major damage to the emergency department and injured one staff member. The third attack happened at 2 p.m. Damascus time on April 29. This attack completely destroyed the facility. No fatalities or injuries were reported as the hospital was evacuated due to earlier attacks. The hospital provided 4,050 consultations, 100 natural birth deliveries, 40 C-sections, 280 major surgeries, and 66 war related trauma cases a month.

Today, at 11 a.m. Damascus time, the Arbeen Surgical Hospital in eastern Ghouta (picture below) was attacked and put out of service after the four-story building next to the hospital collapsed on the facility. Three civilians were killed (two children and a woman) and tens of civilians were wounded. The hospital provided an average of 1,400 consultations and 125 major surgeries a month.

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Wave of Hospital Bombings Paralyzes Medical System in Idlib, Syria


 A joint statement was sent out today on behalf of the largest national medical NGO's in Syria; UOSSM (Union Of Medical Care and Relief Organizations), SAMS (Syrian American Medical Society), SBMS (Syrian British Medical Society- UOSSM Member), Syria Relief (UOSSM Member), SHAAM Humanitarian, SIMRO (Sustainable International Medical Relief Organization), IDA (Independent Doctors Association), SEMA (Syrian Expatriate Medical Association), demanding immediate action by the United Nations for the systematic and continued targeting of medical facilities in Idlib, and throughout Syria. Eight medical facilities in Idlib were deliberately attacked in April, paralyzing the medical infrastructure and leaving thousands without access to medical care. Numerous other hospitals throughout Syria were also attacked in April.  

Today a hospital and a two ambulance systems were attacked, putting them out of service. A total of 14 were killed today, including four paramedics. Please click here to read the full press release. 

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