Airstrike Against Hospital In Idlib Kills Five; Hospital In Ruins


On January 29 at 11:30 a.m. Damascus time, The Owdai Hospital (also known as Al Ihsan Hospital) in Saraqeb, Idlib was hit by two airstrikes, killing five people, including one child and two women, and injuring six medical staff and several other patients. The hospital was severely damaged and put out of service. The 18-bed hospital was the only public hospital in the Saraqeb district. It served a population of 50,000 and performed 3,800 consultations month. The same hospital was attacked on January 20, and 21, causing moderate damage to the facility. Idlib Healthcare Authorities have declared that the city of Saraqeb is in a state of medical emergency. Please click here to read the full press release.

Suspected Gas Attack in Eastern Ghouta Injures Six


There was a suspected chemical attack today in eastern Ghouta. Five women and one child were injured in the attack. Please click here to read the full press release. 

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At Least 11 Medical Facilities Attacked in New Wave of Violence


The holiday season brought a new wave of attacks on medical facilities throughout Syria. There have been at least 11 separate attacks on medical facilities since December 26, 2017, targeting medical facilities in Idlib, Hama and Eastern Ghouta. In the past 10 days three paramedics have been killed in Eastern Ghouta and one nurse was killed in Northern Homs.

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Medical Evacuation of 29 Critical Cases in Ghouta Complete


The medical evacuation of 29 critical cases was completed yesterday. The medical evacuation lasted for three days. On the first day, four patients were evacuated. On the second day,12 patients were evacuated, and the remaining 13 patients were evacuated yesterday. There was a total of 18 children, six women and five men that were evacuated. Two patients originally on the list had already passed away before the evacuation.

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UOSSM Joins #SolidarityWithKarim Campaign

UOSSM has joined the#SolidarityWithKarim campaign, supported by thousands of people, who are outraged at the number of children that have been victims of attacks in Syria. Campaign participants are asked to cover their left eye, take a selfie and post on social media, using the hashtag, in solidarity with Karim. Please click here to read the full press release.

UOSSM Medical Facility Attacked And Destroyed In Aleppo

An UOSSM medical facility was put out of service today in Aleppo. At 3 a.m. Damascus time, the medical facility was hit by an airstrike, completely destroying the facility. No casualties have been reported. Please scroll below to read the full press release.

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Mother Appeals for Urgent Treatment of Four-Year-Old Daughter Suffering from Cancer in Besieged Ghouta


UOSSM USA calls for the IMMEDIATE medical evacuation of four-year old Rama Helweh from Eastern Ghouta to Damascus where she received cancer treatment eight months ago. Rama's mother, Diala, is seen in a video speaking of her desperate attempt to save her child's life. Rama is malnourished, diagnosed with lymphoma and has a malignant tumor in her throat which prevents her from swallowing most foods. Her last dosage of the required medication was eight months ago. Without immediate treatment, doctors fear she will not survive the coming weeks. Please scroll down to read the full press release:

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Doctors in Eastern Ghouta Overwhelmed With Influx of Patients Wounded by Intensified Attacks

Doctors and medical facilities in Eastern Ghouta are overwhelmed by the influx of patients wounded and injured by rapidly intensifying attacks. Hundreds of airstrikes in civilian areas, including cluster bombs, which are indiscriminate in nature and prohibited by international law, are causing massive civilian casualties.

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Two Infants Die this Week in Besieged Al Ghouta from Lack of Medication and Malnutrition


The medical situation in Ghouta is deteriorating rapidly, as two more infants died this week from lack of medication and malnutrition. Maram, a one year old, died from lack of medication for renal failure. Another baby, Mutasam, also one, died from lack of medication and malnutrition. A total of five infants have died in the past few weeks either from malnutrition or inadequate access to medical care and medications. Please click here to read the full press release. 

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Doctors Around The World Unite, Raise 150K+ Signatures To Stop Hospital Bombings


Doctors from around the world, organized by the aid agency UOSSM (Union Of Medical Care And Relief Organizations), under the campaign and hashtag #DoctorsInDanger, have united in protest against the targeting of medical facilities and staff in Syria. The petition already has 150,000 signatures and is growing by the day. The medical situation in Syria has hit a new low with over 732 aid workers killed. Please scroll below to read the full press release.

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