UOSSM Mobile Dental Clinic for Rohingya Refugees


Nearly 1.1 million Forcibly Displaced Mayanmar Nationalists (FDMN) are living as Refugees in south-east Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh. The dense population and their poor living conditions are putting people at a higher risk of a public health emergency. High intake of betel nut, lead and tobacco also contributed to poor oral health within this population.

There are over 830,000 refugees settled in Cox's Bazar that have no access to dental care. An estimated 65% of Rohingya refugees have some form of oral health disease. Many refugees suffer from a wide range of dental health problems such as pulpitis, pericoronitis, abscess etc. UOSSM in partnership with ICNA Canada, responded to this dire need for dental relief by funding and running a mobile dental clinic. The UOSSM Mobile Dental Clinic is serving the marginalized and under-serviced population of refugees in Cox's Bazar, providing free dental services. 


The mobile clinic provides care to approximately 50 patients a day or ~1500 patients a month. Many refugees who were treated at the ICNA/UOSSM Mobile Clinic, came in with various mouth diseases such as: malocculasion, dry socket, traumatic tooth fracture, retained deciduous, angular stomatitis, and scurvy among other diseases.

Together, we are building healthy smiles and hopeful hearts.  





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