UOSSM Turkey Takes Steps in Response to COVID-19

UOSSM Turkey Steps Against COVID-19

In response to the #Covid19 pandemic, UOSSM Turkey has taken the following steps in Northern Syria:

- Sterilized three camps of dispacement (Alfurquan Camp, Alwafaa Camp, Kahatayn Camp).
- Distributed over 1000 hygiene kits (includes personal hygiene essentials for women and children).
- Distributed over 1000 food baskets with basic essentials to encourage people to stay home.
- Contributed to establish an isolation center in Afrin.
- Contributed to establish distance learning center in Afrin.
- Distributed awareness brochures on protection from Coronavirus in displacement camps.
- Over 10,000 people were reached with UOSSM Turkey awareness campaigns.
Please support our work so we can help protect the most vulnerable.
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