UOSSM USA Approved for Medical Mobile Unit in Al Shayah Farms in Southern Daraa


UOSSM USA, a member of UOSSM International, has been approved for a Medical Mobile Unit (MMU) in Al Shayah farms, in southern Daraa, by the UN OCHA/JHF Humanitarian Fund. The project will last for six months, and will directly benefit and provide basic healthcare services to an estimated 8250 internally displaced persons (IDP) camps in Al Shayah Farms. There are an estimated 19,240 people residing in the area. The healthcare situation in southern Syria is diminishing rapidly, leaving many without access to quality healthcare. There is a shortage of medical personnel and a major lack of medications used to treat chronic illnesses, while the risk of communicable diseases is increasing. Daraa has the second largest population of IDPs with over 53,000 as of February 2016, with the intense bombardment in certain areas, that number has certainly increased in 2017. Al Shayah farms is a previously uninhabited farm. Internally displaced people used this area for shelter by establishing their own camps. Transportation in the area is extremely difficult as there are no roads leading to the area.

There are no local or international organizations/humanitarian aid serving this area where almost half of the inhabitants are children. The area has a very limited access to food and clean water, and people are living in uninhabitable living conditions. The medical mobile unit (MMU) will provide life-saving and life-sustaining services to vulnerable people who have been displaced by conflict. These people have been without access to healthcare services and those with acute and chronic illnesses have had little/no access to medications. The MMU will travel to populated areas and provide primary care medical consultations/examinations and free medications to patients, many of the free healthcare services that will be provided cater to women and children, such as, reproductive services, antenatal /postnatal care, and awareness education about breastfeeding, and gender based violence. Patients with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, will also receive medications. All services provided by the MMU will be free of charge.

The MMU will save lives by providing transportation to area hospitals, to those in life and death situations. In addition, the MMU will also follow up on children’s illnesses, and provide nutritional services and supplements such as vitamins. UOSSM USA anticipates that 70% of women and children who visit the mobile clinic will receive treatment. With women's health in mind, the MMU team will have a midwife on staff, and the team will be trained to identify and address women’s reproductive health issues, and childhood illnesses and diseases.

UOSSM USA will coordinate with medical organizations to optimize the provision of the best quality care, and will coordinate closely with the Daraa Governate, the Directorate of Health in Daraa, the UOSSM office in southern Syria, community leaders and the Local Council, and other NGOs/ INGOs as appropriate to ensure complementarity and the provision of the best quality of care. There will also be coordination with the Health Sector Working group. The MMU will be supported by the Jordan Regional Office. This is a major step for UOSSM USA as we begin this endeavor to save lives and build hope in Al Shayah Farms. 

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