Urgent Appeal for Idlib

URGENT: The People of Idlib Need YOUR Support!

Thousands of Lives Depend on it!

Idlib is under attack, Idlib is under fire. The people of Syria need YOU. In the past two months over 700,000 people fled the violent bombardments on their towns. They are fleeing into the unknown, with nowhere to go, in the freezing cold temperatures. Many families are living out in the open. Several people, including children have died from the freezing cold. Several people have died due to the freezing cold, including children. Please show the people of Idllib that you stand with them.

UOSSM is on the ground traveling to areas of displaced trying to respond to the unimaginable crisis. But the need is so great. Please support our work on the ground so we may continue to provide life-saving medical relief to those who desperately need it.

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