Syria, officially the Syrian Arab Republic, is located in the Middle East, and is part of Southwestern Asia. Syria has coastline along the eastern Mediterranean Sea, just below Turkey. ECHO_Syria_BaseMap_A4_Landscape.png

UOSSM serves hundreds of thousands of people across Syria, Turkey and Lebanon, every year. We provide emergency medical relief and health care services to those affected by the current crisis in the region.


Our programs are managed and supervised by UOSSM offices in Turkey. UOSSM has currently over 850 staff and doctors working across the following regions:

Northern Region. The northern region comprises of Turkey and the northern and eastern regions of Syria.

Central Region. The central region comprises of Lebanon and the central region of Syria.

Southern Region. The southern region comprises of Jordan and the southern region of Syria.

The following map shows were UOSSM has offices, facilities, and where UOSSM provides support. 

UOSSM Facilities


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