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Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations-USA (UOSSM USA) is an independent, nonprofit, non-government, medical, humanitarian organization, founded to support the health-related needs and well-being of people and communities affected by crises, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, religion or political affiliation. UOSSM USA is dedicated to building sustainable health-related services and reducing human suffering, and is non-political and non-sectarian in its mission.

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Latest Updates

The Number of Displaced From Daraa Continues to Rise

July 02, 2018

Over 260,000 civilians have been internally displaced in the past 10 days after Daraa came under a fierce bombardment. Most of the IDPs are staying in the open, exposed to...

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UOSSM Loses Three Staff Members in One Week in Daraa

June 28, 2018

Three UOSSM staff members have been killed in airstrikes in the past week in Daraa as the fierce bombardment continues to escalate. Five medical facilities have been attacked and put...

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UOSSM Zaafaraneh PHC Attacked and Put Out of Service

April 30, 2018

The UOSSM Zaafaraneh Primary Health Care Center was attacked on Sunday and put out of service. The PHC provided free health care to approximately 6000 patients and most importantly provided...

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Press Releases

Six Medical and Civil Facilities Attacked in Past Two Days

September 08, 2018

Three hospitals, two Syrian Civil Defense Centers, and an ambulance system were attacked and put out of service in the past two days leaving thousands with no access to medical care. All three hospitals are underground facilities. Please click here to read the full press release. 

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217,000 IDPs in Daraa; Fastest Displacement in Syrian History

June 29, 2018

As of 9:30 pm Damascus time, at least 217,000 people have been internally displaced from Daraa, with little to no access to food, clean water, shelter and medical care. The number is expected to rise dramatically as more people continue to flee the relentless bombings. Since June 19th, 157 people have...

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Another UOSSM Staff Killed; Syrian Doctors Plead For Help In Daraa

June 27, 2018

Yusuf Ayyash, a UOSSM warehouse worker was killed today at 7 p.m. Damascus time by an airstrike, along with his wife and daughter. This is the third UOSSM staff member to be killed in Daraa in less than a week.  As the besiegement of Daraa escalates, four hospitals and one...

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Stories from the Field

Souad's Story

May 24, 2018

Eight-month-old Souad was so small; much smaller than the average child her age. But Souad is growing up in a not so average environment, as she was born into the worst humanitarian crisis of our time.  The baby girl was born in a very poor village in northern Syria, with little...

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Who We Serve


Ghaith is five years old. He injured his foot and was unable to go to a medical facility to get attention for his injury, until UOSSM's mobile clinic...  Read More


Amani is only five years old and doesn't even know what a normal life is. All she has known her entire young life is war, bombs, hunger and fear... Read More


The war has made a terrible impact on the children of Syria, psychologically, socially, mentally and physically. Fatooma was one of those children... Read More


Children all over the world complain about going to school. Khaled was likely one of them. Then, one fateful day, Khaled’s school was bombed... Read More


Hanan has already been through so much at the tender age of 2...she has felt the pains of war since she was born. She knows what it feels like to... Read More


Hanan recognized the desperate need for medical staff throughout Syria and decided she wanted to become a nurse to help make a positive... Read More


August 2018

September 15, 2018

Don't miss out on August events with UOSSM USA including, UOSSM USA Co-Founder, Dr. Khaula Sawah offers heartfelt Tedx talk. Please scroll below to read the full newsletter. 

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July 2018

August 17, 2018

In July, UOSSM continues to respond to the Daraa displacement crisis. Read more...

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What Comes From the Heart

September 05, 2018

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