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Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations-USA (UOSSM USA) is an independent, nonprofit, non-government, medical, humanitarian organization, founded to support the health-related needs and well-being of people and communities affected by crises, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, religion or political affiliation. UOSSM USA is dedicated to building sustainable health-related services and reducing human suffering, and is non-political and non-sectarian in its mission.

News & Updates

Press Releases

BREAKING: Second Hospital Bombed in One Week in Syria

November 27, 2019

A second hospital was attacked in Idlib, Syria yesterday. Al Rawda Hospital in Kafranbel, Idlib was bombed in a targeted attack on November 26, at approximately 7:39 p.m. Damascus time. The hospital was damaged and put out of service. No casualties were reported since the hospital was evacuated earlier. Please...

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Al-Kiwan Hospital in Syria Hit By Airstrike, Destroyed

November 25, 2019

 At 9:21 p.m. Damascus time on November 24, 2019, the Al-Kiwan Hospital in Kansafra, Idlib was hit by an airstrike and destroyed. The facility was evacuated prior to the strike and no casualties were reported. This attacks marks the 66th medical facility attacked since April 2019. The hospital was partially supported by UOSSM....

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Deadly Attack Today in Qah Camp for the Displaced in Northern Idlib,...

November 20, 2019

There was a deadly attack today in the Qah Camp for the displaced in northern Idlib, when a missile landed in the camp wreaking havoc and causing widespread fires. At approximately 8:15 p.m. Damascus time the camp was hit with a missile causing a loud explosion. At least 12 were...

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Act 4 Idlib

May 20, 2019

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Stories from the Field

Judy: A Child from Ghouta

December 25, 2018

Little Judy has known nothing but war all her life. She has survived the unimaginable. Judy is from Ghouta. An area in the Damascus countryside that beared the brunt of the brutal war in Syria for over five years. The area was under siege and continuous bombardment. Judy lived in...

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October 2019

November 22, 2019

UOSSM USA's latest news and updates! October 2019 Activities and Updates from UOSSM USA     UOSSM Activities UOSSM Organizes “Global Refugees and Migration Congress” in Turkey in Cooperation with Gaziantep University and Global Health On October 14-17 the Global Refugees and Migration Congress convened in Gaziantep, Turkey to discuss...

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September 2019

October 15, 2019

UOSSM USA's latest news and updates! September 2019 Activities and Updates from UOSSM USA     UOSSM Activities First Graduation Ceremony for Reproductive Health Protocols Trainees The first class of 100 trainees graduated from the Medical Education Center after completing the Reproductive Health Training Program. The program lasted for 100...

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Who We Serve


Ghaith is five years old. He injured his foot and was unable to go to a medical facility to get attention for his injury, until UOSSM's mobile clinic...  Read More


Amani is only five years old and doesn't even know what a normal life is. All she has known her entire young life is war, bombs, hunger and fear... Read More


The war has made a terrible impact on the children of Syria, psychologically, socially, mentally and physically. Fatooma was one of those children... Read More


Children all over the world complain about going to school. Khaled was likely one of them. Then, one fateful day, Khaled’s school was bombed... Read More


Hanan has already been through so much at the tender age of 2...she has felt the pains of war since she was born. She knows what it feels like to... Read More


Since 2011, children have been paying the ultimate price in war torn Syria. Many children have known nothing but violence, death and destruction... Read More

Latest Updates

Urgent: Distress Call from the Ground in Idlib

May 12, 2019

The UOSSM Safety and Security Director recently visited the region and sent the following distress call for help. The situation is dire.  Peace and blessings be upon you My Dear...

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